Climate Smart Health Care Co-Chair

Caylynn Yao, MS4

George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences

Caylynn Yao is a fourth-year medical student at the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences. She also earned her Bachelor of Arts in psychology and music from the George Washington University. Caylynn’s interest in the environment, sustainability, and health began when she first adopted a plant-based diet, recognising the significance of shifting diets for not only cardiovascular health but also for a sustainable future amidst a growing demand for resource-intensive foods. During medical school, she became inspired by the work of her peers and clinicians in environmental research, curriculum reform, and advocacy. She participated in Emory University’s “Climate Crisis and Clinical Medicine” virtual course, where she developed further interest in healthcare institutions’ role in waste reduction, particularly in the operating rooms and peri-operative arena. Caylynn is also curious about renewable energy technology, biophilic design, climate justice, and agriculture as it relates to health. She enjoys outdoor sports, gardening, and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, beach cleanup and hiking trail preservation organizations on the side. Caylynn enthusiastically embraces her leadership role in MS4SF and is eager to take collective action as medical professionals for a healthier future for her patients globally.

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