Planetary Health Report Card

Planetary Health Report Card Chair

Karly Hampshire, MS3

University of California, San Francisco

Karly Hampshire is a third year medical student at University of California, San Francisco. She completed her undergraduate education at Emory University, where she studied Anthropology and Human Biology with a particular focus on displaced populations. Learning about the societal forces underlying migration and working with local refugees as the director of a refugee tutoring program, she saw how climate change and other anthropogenic environmental impacts drove people from their homes in direct and indirect ways, which drove her to become more involved with environmental advocacy in medical school. In 2019, she founded the Planetary Health Report Card with classmates at UCSF, which has become a global initiative involving over 60 schools in 4 countries. She is also a University of California Carbon Neutrality Initiative fellow. She is excited to work with the incredible community of MS4SF to bring about sustainable environmental change and a healthier, more equitable future.

Twitter: @hampshirekarly

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