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Casey Patnode, MS4

University of Michigan Medical School

Casey is a fourth-year medical student and dual-degree M.P.H. student at the University of Michigan. Prior to medical school, Casey earned his B.S.E. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan and went on to fundraise for Doctors Without Borders before matriculating and is passionate about providing care to those who need it most. During medical school, he became convinced that climate change will be the largest public health crisis humanity will face if left unchecked, and it will disproportionately affect marginalized communities who have contributed the least to causing it. This resulted in him becoming impassioned in becoming involved in mitigation of climate change and its effects on health. To this end, he is working through the Dow Sustainability Fellowship on how to make municipalities in Michigan go net zero for carbon emissions and will be beginning his M.P.H. in Environmental Health Promotion and Policy in the Fall of 2020. He hopes to be a voice in rallying the public to address carbon emissions and protect the health of all and is excited to be working with Medical Students for a Sustainable Future to reach that goal. 

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