What We Do

We provide medical students with tools to tackle the climate crisis and make a difference in their institution and communities through advocacy, climate smart health care, communications & partnerships, curriculum reform, research, plant-based health and ocean health: 


We mobilize coordinated medical student actions and advocate for policy solutions to match the scale of the climate crisis. We provide resources and support to medical students across the country, so they can better engage in advocacy at institutional, local, and national levels.

  • Please watch our Earth Day Video and share our message widely of voting for climate champions and for health, hope and humanity this fall!
  • Please join us in advocating to your elected officials for a rapid transition off fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy, leaving nobody behind and building a healthy and just future.
  • Join us to access our advocacy training guide and storytelling guide for MS4SF members!

Climate Smart Health Care

We seek to reduce the environmental impact of the health care sector, which accounts for 10% of our nation’s greenhouse gases. We work to align with the “do no harm” credo of physicians by improving the resiliency of health care facilities in the face of climate change. We facilitate sustainability initiatives at medical schools and their associated health care systems by collecting resources for and providing support to individuals hoping to lead such endeavors.

  • Check out our Climate Smart Spotlight Project, highlighting the work of MS4SF members on sustainability projects at their institutions to inspire other members to action. Read our monthly bulletins here!

Communications & Partnerships

We create powerful communications tools that allow knowledge-sharing and interdisciplinary collaboration and maintain accessible social media platforms. We collaborate and partner with organizations whose missions and values align with our own to increase impact and reach.

  • If you are passionate about climate change & medicine or active in an existing climate and sustainability group at your medical school and would like to become an MS4SF Communications Representative for your medical school or group, please complete this form!


We advocate for medical school curriculum reform to include the intersection of climate change, health, and health care delivery so we are prepared to care for our patients and build resilient health systems in the face of a changing climate. We work with medical schools to create standardized core competencies for a climate-health curriculum.


We help our community stay informed by creating a database of relevant articles and discussing current literature on the intersections between climate and health. We also support members in initiating research projects, facilitating collaborations within our group, and connecting students to research mentors.

  • We are compiling resources on topics related to climate change and health. 
  • We regularly host a virtual Journal Club on Climate and Health in collaboration with Health Care Without Harm! Join us to participate!

Plant-Based Health

We engage medical students in education on plant-based eating patterns and the relationship between food, health, and climate change. We incorporate plant-based nutrition into MS4SF advocacy, research, and curricular reform to further our climate goals.

Ocean Health

We engage medical students on the interconnectedness between our world’s oceans and human health. We work with our larger leadership team to advocate for the health of our oceans and develop partnerships with institutions dedicated to research and education to advance the understanding of the ocean, challenges that threaten its health, and the role of the physician in its healing.

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