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Our Mission

Medical Students for a Sustainable Future is a network of medical students who recognize climate change as an urgent threat to health and social justice. Motivated to protect our future patients and the communities we love, we catalyze action to prevent and address the health harms of climate change.


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Climate Change Is A Health Crisis, And Doctors Aren’t Prepared

MS4SF is boldly working to change this. MS4SF and medical students from across the country involved in this effort were recently featured in the above HuffPost article.

Together, we fight for a more sustainable, healthy and just future.

Why are medical students uniting for climate justice?

The Lancet Commission characterizes climate change as both the biggest global health threat and the greatest global health opportunity of the 21st century. Climate change is a significant modifier of global disease burden and will place an unprecedented strain on our health systems and our most vulnerable and marginalized patients. As the rising generation of physicians, we recognize the need to engage in this issue in order to protect our patients and future generations.

Upcoming Events

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