Advocacy Co-Chairs

Ellen Townley, MS2
Creighton University School of Medicine

David Mazumder, MS3
Harvard Medical School

Ellen Townley is a second-year medical student at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. She is passionate about the intersection of climate change and social justice. As an undergraduate student at Creighton, she studied biology and sustainable energy and worked as an advocacy coordinator for the University’s Center for Service and Justice.  As a medical student, she is energized by the collective actions of medical students across the country and hopeful that improvements in environmental sustainability will lead to more just health outcomes.

David is a fourth year MD-PhD student currently studying for his degree in neuroscience in the Kreiman Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital. Working with epilepsy patients and their clinical teams, he investigates the mechanisms behind human visual memory and mental imagery. David’s personal journal has been interrupted repeatedly, though thankfully briefly, by global warming-fueled natural disasters, and his work with vulnerable communities in Boston during medical school has driven him to action. He has testified at City Council hearings on development and climate-related issues and currently serves as a Senate Liaison for Citizens Climate Lobby. David is excited to keep building our movement’s capacity to translate our lived experiences into powerful narratives and drive policy change.

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