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Communications Co-Chairs

Hannah Spotts, MS4
Pennsylvania State College of Medicine

Hannah is a fourth year medical student at Penn State College of Medicine in the class of 2024. She studied Molecular Biology and Geography at Colgate University where she became interested in the connections between the environment and health. In her time at Colgate, she became interested in the geography of environmental exposures, especially as they pertain to health injustice. Hannah has spent the majority of her life living in small rural towns, which has driven her interests in plant-based diets and sustainable agriculture. At Penn State, she has been involved with the student-run group, Environmental Health and Medicine, as well as the Sustainability Council. Hannah hopes to become a primary care physician who can provide climate-informed care to her patients and communities. She is excited to continue with the MS4SF team this year and learn from an incredible community of future physicians and environmental justice advocates.

Instagram: @hannah_spotts

Twitter: @hannahspotts20

Sub Chairs

Newsletter Sub Chair

Andrew Schumacher, OMS3

Andrew Schumacher is a second-year osteopathic medical student at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his undergraduate education at Calvin University. His passion for sustainability blossomed through a program called Kill-A-Watt, an educational initiative of Calvin University to promote and practice sustainable, low-impact lifestyle habits.  He’s interested in localism, community gardens, public transportation, and climate-smart healthcare. Andrew helped launch his institution’s MS4SF affiliated club, Healthcare Students for a Sustainable Future, and is committed to advocating for a greener, cleaner, and cooler world for his future patients.

Twitter: @tweety_shue

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