Watch our Earth Day Video

“For health, hope, humanity”

Medical students are calling for climate action this Earth Day. Watch this video created by Medical Students for a Sustainable Future to see how you can promote a healthy, just & sustainable future!

Video Transcript

In four years… In three years… In two years… In one year… I will be a doctor.
I worry about my patients who, like my Mother, have severe asthma and struggle to breathe polluted air.
I worry about my patients who may be displaced from their homes due to climate change.
I worry about providing adequate care to my patients in future pandemics and natural disasters.
I worry about my colleagues who are not being protected while they put themselves on the line when a crisis hits.
The COVID19 pandemic has shown that people suffer when scientific warnings are heard too late.
Climate change is a leading threat to global health in the 21st century.

Increasing infectious disease. More frequent wildfires, droughts, and floods. Poor air quality. Heat related-illness. Mental health challenges. Food Insecurity.
All threaten to overwhelm the systems that keep us fed, employed, alive.
Climate change, driven by fossil fuel pollution, is already threatening our hard-working health systems and communities we love.
The last few months remind us there are consequences when we deny warnings.
The last few months also prove we are all connected.
Prove humanity is undeniably tied together.
Prove our biggest and scariest problems require collaboration.
On the other side of crises, there is opportunity.
There is resilience.
There is hope.
In three years… in two years… in one year… in one month, I will be a doctor.
But this fall, I will vote.
I will vote remembering all those who risked their lives in a crisis to protect us. 
I will vote remembering we are all one community.
I will vote to protect my patients who can’t.
Join us in voting for leaders who respect science, who heed the warnings of climate change, who champion policies for a sustainable, healthy, and just future.
We have the tools we need to reduce emissions and protect health.
We need the political will to use them.
Join us in voting for health, for hope, for humanity.

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