We advocate for medical school curriculum reform to include the intersection of climate change, health, and health care delivery so we are prepared to care for our patients and build resilient health systems in the face of a changing climate. We work with medical schools to create standardized core competencies for a climate-health curriculum.

Monthly Curriculum Office Hours

Working on climate integration in your school’s curriculum?

Our Curriculum Co-Chairs, Danny and Karly, will be hosting monthly office hours to discuss climate and curriculum efforts, share their experiences, and connect those (you!) doing this work.

When: The first Wednesday of every month, 8pm EST/5pm PST

Where: Zoom

Climate Resources for Health Education (CRHE)

Are you interested in writing and publishing slides & cases on climate change and health? 

Join the Climate Resources for Health Education (CRHE) team! We develop expert reviewed climate-health slides and cases for medical schools to use to teach students about the impact of climate change on health. Learn more about our program and sign up as a writer or expert reviewer for our program here. Attendings, fellows, residents, medical students, and non-physicians scientists are welcome! 

Educational opportunities 

  • Webinars
    • Recorded sessions from UCSF faculty’s “Osher Mini Medical School” on Climate and Health (recorded May/June 2020).
  • Online Climate and Health Program Recommendation of the Month!
    • Free Archive of lectures from 4-week course, “Climate Change and Health,” from Dr. Rebecca Philipsborn at Emory School of Medicine, with lectures given by some of the leading physician climate advocates across the country.

Curriculum Co-Chairs

Emily Yamron, MS3
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Emily Yamron is a third year medical student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a member of the Einstein Sustainability Club executive board. She received her undergraduate degree from Brown University where she studied Public Health and Biology. After getting introduced to the relationships between climate and health in a class she took her junior year of college, Emily decided she wanted to make the relationship between climate and health a central part of her medical career. She’s particularly interested in climate and health education and mitigating the negative impacts extreme heat has on heart health. In her free time, she enjoys distance running, kayaking, crosswords, and talking about urban forests. She looks forward to working with the MS4SF team to support development and evaluation of planetary health curricula at all levels of medical education, and supporting health care worker action on climate.

Twitter: @EmilyYamron

Instagram: @emily.yam

Kanika Malani, MS3
Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University

Kanika is a 3rd year medical student at Brown who is also pursuing a Masters’ in Population Medicine. Prior to medical school, she received her undergraduate degrees in Anthropology, Spanish, and Molecular Biology at UConn, and completed her thesis on the effect of climate change on food and water-borne diseases. At Brown, she worked as part of the Planetary Health Report Card team and helped restructure Brown’s curriculum to increase longitudinal exposure to planetary health education. She was also a TA for a preclinical elective entitled “Global Environmental Change and Emerging Infectious Disease.” She is interested in education, health policy, and environmental justice in her future career. In her free time she enjoys baking, being outside, painting, and eating spicy food. She is excited to work as part of MS4SF to aid in the development of broad planetary health education throughout medical schools nationally and globally.

Instagram: @kanika.malani

Kate Tokareva,
University of Washington School of Medicine

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