We advocate for medical school curriculum reform to include the intersection of climate change, health, and health care delivery so we are prepared to care for our patients and build resilient health systems in the face of a changing climate. We work with medical schools to create standardized core competencies for a climate-health curriculum.

Monthly Curriculum Office Hours

Working on climate integration in your school’s curriculum?

Our Curriculum Co-Chairs, Danny and Karly, will be hosting monthly office hours to discuss climate and curriculum efforts, share their experiences, and connect those (you!) doing this work.

When: The first Wednesday of every month, 8pm EST/5pm PST

Where: Zoom

Climate Resources for Health Education (CRHE)

Are you interested in writing and publishing slides & cases on climate change and health? 

Join the Climate Resources for Health Education (CRHE) team! We develop expert reviewed climate-health slides and cases for medical schools to use to teach students about the impact of climate change on health. Learn more about our program and sign up as a writer or expert reviewer for our program here. Attendings, fellows, residents, medical students, and non-physicians scientists are welcome! 

Educational opportunities 

  • Webinars
    • Recorded sessions from UCSF faculty’s “Osher Mini Medical School” on Climate and Health (recorded May/June 2020).
  • Online Climate and Health Program Recommendation of the Month!
    • Free Archive of lectures from 4-week course, “Climate Change and Health,” from Dr. Rebecca Philipsborn at Emory School of Medicine, with lectures given by some of the leading physician climate advocates across the country.

Curriculum Co-Chairs

Karly Hampshire, MS4
University of California San Francisco

Karly Hampshire is a fourth year medical student at University of California, San Francisco. She completed her undergraduate education at Emory University, where she studied Anthropology and Human Biology with a particular focus on displaced populations. Learning about the societal forces underlying migration and working with local refugees as the director of a refugee tutoring program, she saw how climate change and other anthropogenic environmental impacts drove people from their homes in direct and indirect ways, which drove her to become more involved with environmental advocacy in medical school. In 2019, she founded the Planetary Health Report Card with classmates at UCSF, which has become a global initiative involving over 80 schools in 6 countries. She is currently on a climate and health gap year, working as a fellow with the newly-established UC Center for Climate, Health and Equity, launching a Climate Resources for Health Education repository with the Global Consortium for Climate and Health Education, pursuing research at the intersection of climate change and health, integrating climate change into the UCSF infectious disease preclinical curriculum, and leading an advocacy campaign to keep medical training interviews virtual. She is excited to work with the incredible community of MS4SF to bring about sustainable environmental change and a healthier, more equitable future.

Twitter: @hampshirekarly

Instagram: @karly.thefog (for context, San Francisco’s fog is lovingly named Karl)

Daniel Walden, MS3
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Danny Walden is a third year medical student at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in Richmond, Virginia. He took a nontraditional path to medicine, including stints as an environmental educator, nomad, and wilderness guide, but eventually his nerdiness got the best of him and he decided to enroll at VCU. His experiences in the natural world have led to an understanding of the widespread impact and urgency of climate change, and his experience in environmental education led to an interest in medical education. In 2020, he co-founded a local branch of MS4SF focused on curriculum, and since then, he and his passionate colleagues have expanded the club to include local advocacy and community engagement. Danny has had a hand in establishing an annual lecture at VCU on health effects and inequities driven by climate change, and he continues to develop an M4 elective and integrate climate effects on health into pre-clinical courses. He is certain that VCU will not be last again on the Planetary Health Report Card, and given his school’s humble beginnings in this space, he is well-positioned to nurture other schools’ burgeoning climate programs. When not studying or working on environmental things, he can be found snuggling with his dog, camping in a van down by the river, and playing ridiculous 2-letter words in Scrabble.

Twitter: _whereswalden

Instagram: _whereswalden

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