Climate Smart Healthcare

We seek to reduce the environmental impact of the health care sector, which accounts for 10% of our nation’s greenhouse gases. We work to align with the “do no harm” credo of physicians by improving the resiliency of health care facilities in the face of climate change. We facilitate sustainability initiatives at medical schools and their associated health care systems by collecting resources for and providing support to individuals hoping to lead such endeavors.

Climate Smart Healthcare Guide

An online guide meant to be a go-to source for any health professional or health professional student wanting to engage in a Climate Smart healthcare project at their institution or school. This guide is a work in progress and we hope to have version 2.0 available to share by the end of 2021!

Climate Smart Monthly

An almost-monthly bulletin aimed at highlighting primarily student led efforts to improve the sustainability of our health system. These are a wide range of topics, where someone can showcase their interesting ideas and projects so everyone can learn from them and help their own systems and practices become more sustainable!

You can view the most up to date list of climate smart monthlies at this link!

Have you conducted, or been involved in, a project to improve sustainability at your institution? Let us know to be featured in the next Climate Smart Monthly!

My Green Doctor

My Green Doctor is the free environmental sustainability and climate change program offered by Medical Students for a Sustainable Future. Clinics and offices learn to make gradual improvements in their uses of energy, water, chemicals, paper, and other resources. The program is easy to use, adding only five minutes of Green Team business to each regular staff meeting.

Most clinics save money in their first month using My Green Doctor. It works for healthcare clinics, offices, and outpatient centers. One five-office practice is saving $1,500 per doctor every year and reducing its greenhouse gases, with no financial investment.

Medical students can introduce this program to the clinics where they work. Students and clinic managers begin by registering here. Everyone in the office can register.  Next, the clinic commits to the goal of environmental sustainability and to adding Green Team business to each office meeting agenda.  Each meeting is fully scripted in the “Meeting-by-Meeting Guide” so that there is nothing for the office manager, director, or student to study or prepare. The clinics can qualify for the Green Doctor Office Certificate from MS4SF within a few months.

My Green Doctor provides free brochures, posters, and other teaching tools to help share wise choices with patients and families. This can mean less energy and water used, cleaner air, fewer greenhouse gases, and better health outcomes.  

Register today at My Green Doctor to start lowering costs and improving health!

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