Climate Smart Monthly

Climate Smart Monthly is a bulletin aimed at showcasing a new way each month to improve the sustainability of our health system. These are a wide range of topics, where someone can showcase their interesting ideas and projects so everyone can learn from them and help their own systems and practices become more sustainable!

August 2020: Organics Recycling

Allison Sawyer, University of Minnesota Organics Coordinator, discusses the importance of diverting organic waste from traditional incinerators and landfills into compost and how to get this practice started in your healthcare system.

June 2020: Repurposing Blue Wrap

Carol Fonesca, MS3 at American University of the Caribbean Medical School, discusses excess waste in operating rooms and how to repurpose the ubiquitous OR blue wrap.

May 2020: Conducting a Waste Audit

Sarah Hsu, MS2 at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, discusses what a waste audit is and how to get started on performing one.

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