Carol Fonseca, MD, MS

Carol Fonseca, MD, MS
Pediatric Resident Physician at Ascension St John Children’s Hospital

Carol is a pediatric resident physician at Ascension St John in Michigan. She was one of the founding members of MS4SF, serving as a research co-chair. She helped organize the journal club in collaboration with Healthcare Without Harm and started a list of articles related to the intersections between climate change and health/healthcare. She also started an upcycling project that reuses blue wraps from the OR to make sleeping bags for the homeless population in Detroit, Michigan.

Prior to medical school, Carol received her BS in Plant Biology from University of California, Davis and her MS in Evolution & Ecology from California State University, Sacramento. She was a science and math teacher in Davis, CA for 5 years before starting medical school. As a science teacher, she received a grant from the US Fish &Wildlife Service to build a native habitat on the school grounds. Carol is very happy and thankful to be able to combine her passions for the environment and medicine.

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