Natasha Sood

Natasha Sood, MPH
Pennsylvania State College of Medicine

Natasha Sood is a medical student at Penn State College of Medicine. She is a Founding Leader of Medical Students for a Sustainable Future and served as the 2021 Executive Chair of MS4SF. She completed her undergraduate education at the University of Michigan in Environmental Science and Biology. She then earned her Master of Public Health from Columbia University in Environmental Health Science with a specialization in Climate Change and Health. She focuses her research and advocacy efforts on climate-health curriculum reform, climate-smart healthcare, and sustainable systems. She served as the 2019 Co-Chair of the Sustainability Council at Penn State Medical Center, and founded “Environmental Health in Medicine,” a student group aimed at addressing gaps in sustainability and education in climate change and health at Penn State. Most recently she was the recipient of the HCWH 2020 Emerging Physician Leader Award and is a Fellow at the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics. She is continually inspired by her peers to advocate for a just, healthy, and sustainable future. 

Twitter: @natasha_sood    

Instagram: @notrashtalk

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