Take Institutional Action

DISCLAIMER: We’re working on revamping our current “Take Action” pages. In the meantime, we wanted to make sure people who are looking for resources now can access them. Please check back or reach out to the MS4SF Advocacy Team if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

At My Local Institution

Student Organizing

Start (or join) your school-specific chapter of MS4SF and recruit your friends to join!

Curriculum Reform

Check out this comprehensive guide on curriculum reform within medical schools

Visit MS4SF’s Curriculum Page for more info on how to get involved

Complete the Planetary Health Report Card for your school to evaluate its commitment to integration of climate-related education into its curriculum and other metrics

Campus Sustainability

We’re putting together some resources to help you advocate for a more sustainable campus. Check back soon!


Start (or join) a divestment campaign at your school. Most schools invest part of their endowment into industries harm that harm the environment. Divestment is one of the best actions your institution can take towards a healthier environment!

Start with either this Reinvestment Toolkit from DivestEd or this Campus Guide to Fossil Fuel Divestment from 350.org

At Larger Institutions (ex: AAMC, ACP, NBME)

Coming soon! Check back if you’re interested in advocacy involving larger medical institutions

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